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Some important knowledge about stainless steel coils

Stainless steel for beginners, how to identify different stainless steel is very important. Because of the high value of stainless steel, a little defect will cause heavy losses. How should an enterprise determine whether the goods are true and whether the products are defective? Generally speaking, it can be confirmed by the label of stainless steel itself.

1、 Stainless steel coil outer packaging

Stainless steel outer packaging is an intuitive performance to identify stainless steel manufacturers. Generally speaking, each stainless steel factory's outer packaging color is different. Through the outer packaging, not only the manufacturer can be identified, but also the quality of the outer packaging and packaging requirements can be seen that the steel plant attaches importance to the products and the quality requirements.

2、 Stainless steel coil packing buckle

In order to distinguish from other stainless steel products, general stainless steel factories will distinguish each detail and make sure that their own characteristics are reflected everywhere. The packaging buckle of the steel coil is a remarkable explanation. So, what information can we learn from the packaging buckle? We can know whether the steel coil is packed in the original factory or not, and whether the steel coil has been repackaged.

3、 Stainless steel roll out label

The label outside the stainless steel coil is the basic and universal "steel coil manual" for us to know the steel coil information. There are many kinds of information. Let's understand them one by one.

1. Grade: basic information of stainless steel classification; The form of brand (national standard, European standard, Japanese standard, etc.) shall match the production standard.

2. Card number: usually called coil number, it is an identification number to identify and distinguish steel coils. Each steel coil has a different coil number, which is the "ID number" of the steel coil.

3. Production standard: it is the embodiment of what standard the steel coil is produced according to; Corresponding to the grade of steel coil.

4. Specification: the specification information of each steel plant is different, so we need to understand it one by one. Generally speaking, the label specification is represented by 4.00*1250*c. Wherein, "4.00" is the "label thickness" of the steel coil, which is different from the reference thickness; "1500" is the actual width of the coil; "C" indicates the length, indicating that the actual length of the steel coil in the sample is not indicated.

5. Gross weight: the actual weight of the whole roll. The function of gross weight is mainly used for transportation weight, which is convenient for reasonable transportation and loading;

6. Net weight: one of the important information of steel coil, and it is also the important information for buying and selling steel coil. Experienced practitioners can learn more about the difference between gross weight and net weight, such as whether the roll is separated by paper.

7. Edge: whether the roll is a rough edge or a cut edge is reflected here; Most (but not all) can be determined by the width in the specification.

8. Date: the steel coil has no shelf life. It seems that this date has no effect. In fact, it is not. This date can show a lot of information. The periodic production of the steel plant is different, which can be known by the label date.

9. Heat No.: different from steel coil No; In some warehouses, the heat number record is convenient for the volume number, which is used as the warehousing information. This is incorrect.

10. Reference thickness: one of the important information of steel coil, one of the basis of steel coil trading information, and the actual thickness of steel coil.

11. Surface: one of the important information of the coil, which is the embodiment of the surface processing degree of the coil; Through surface information, we can distinguish whether the steel coil is hot-rolled or cold-rolled, and what degree of surface processing has been achieved.

12. Grade: it can distinguish whether the grade of steel coil is better.

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